Mina’s not feeling as good today as in previous days. It’s peak time for the Vincristine in her body. I suppose that means it’s everywhere in her body right now.

She ate some chicken for breakfast, but when I put out some mid-morning snack with the green organic baby food, she wandered off. Eventually, she ate most of the chicken. I threw out the green organic baby food.

I went shopping at Whole Paycheck and when I got home I discovered that almost every food item I’d bought was for Mina. Seriously, I have salad greens, grapes, Bing cherries, tofu, tempeh, and some onions for myself. It’s a miracle I’m staying so fat. Mina scored.

So, I boiled the sweet potatoes and looked up instructions on how to hard boil fresh eggs. No, I wasn’t an egg fan when I wasn’t a vegan. I’d occasionally scramble a couple of egg whites for breakfast, but one morning about six years ago I looked at the egg in my skillet and got nauseated. Last time I had eggs in my house until today.

I mixed the boiled eggs, sweet potatoes, and some chicken together and figured she’d love it. WRONG. I had to hand feed that mess to her for a couple of minutes and then she dove in and finished it off. She wanted more, so I gave her about half a serving, but she ate only a little. By then I had the beef thing in boiling water (after poking it with a fork for about 10 minutes) and when that was done I started to cut it into little pieces.

I need new knives.

She ate the sample of dead cow I put in her dish but ignored the rest. Mina hasn’t gotten sick, yet, but it’s pretty clear she’s not feeling top notch. This’ll probably last through tomorrow, unfortunately. I don’t think we’ll see a weight gain this week.

Tomorrow, I’ll cook some brown rice and see where that gets me.