Allyson from Dr. B.’s office called a few minutes ago. She told me that Dr. Tran has reviewed the Five Leaf Pet Pharmacy kidney treatment program and OK’d it with a caution …

One of the ingredients, horsetail, is a diuretic, which is obviously needed when flushing one’s kidneys. It’s a mild diuretic so there’s a good chance it won’t bother Mina too much, perhaps increase her need to drink water and hence her incontinence. If it becomes clear that Mina is drinking and peeing too much then I have to stop the treatment because of the UTI. They want to do a blood glucose test again after the treatment is over.

The test results for Mina’s urine culture revealed the same bacteria as before, a variant of E. coli. The Baytril is designed to treat this variant and they want her to take all 28 pills and then they’ll do another urinalysis.

We talked about Mina’s diet and Allyson said that calcium is important for Mina and recommended calcium carbonate for her, either in Tums or bone meal. She’ll ask Dr. Tran for me about the problems with taking calcium and taking drugs at the same time. Kestrel warned me about this possible conflict. Allyson also recommended a half tablet of Centrum Silver vitamins for Mina every day. I looked at the ingredients and they’re full of junk! I’d prefer to give her something for a canine that’s not all full of crap. Suggestions?

They are pleased to hear that Mina is still eating and said not to worry if she doesn’t gain any weight; they just want her to stop losing so much weight. I must be an awful overachiever because I want her to gain about three more pounds. I’m going to try giving her some boiled sweet potato with her food tomorrow, and I’ll boil that piece of dead cow for her, too.

Right now, it’s time to take Miss Thing for a nice walk.