I went back to work yesterday after being home with Mina for five days. I need to stop doing that because she doesn’t react well when I disappear again for the entire day. Sherrie said she refused her noon time snack, so Sherrie hand fed it to her. Someone has her Auntie Sherrie wrapped around her skinny paw!

There wasn’t any food left in her bowl when I got home with 10-plus pounds of chicken thighs and a pound of beef, in case she goes off her taste for chicken at some point. Kestrel recommended flank steak, but it was $14.99 a pound at Whole Paycheck, so I opted for something called “London broil” at about $4.99 a pound. What I know about buying carcass you could put inside a thimble, and it looked unnaturally bright red, as if it had been flushed it with carbon monoxide (even though WFM claims they don’t do that). Fortunately, I mentioned this to Mina’s Auntie Lolo who told me I have to poke this dead cow flesh with a couple of forks about a hundred times to tenderize it or it’ll be too tough for Mina to chew.

Many thanks to Auntie Sue and Uncle Robin for funding Mina’s carcass purchase this week! I owe you. Yes, I do.

So, my girl is eating well and taking all her supplements and pills in a layer of organic, natural Valencia peanut butter, but she’s very sleepy. We took walk to the leasing office when I got home, but after that she preferred just to go downstairs for pee breaks. This morning I made her walk all the way around the complex until she pooped, and she wasn’t pleased with me. It’s the Baytril that’s making her drowsy, I’m sure.

I haven’t heard anything about her urine culture so it must not have revealed anything that the Baytril can’t handle. VIMP would call me with a new antibiotic if it had been unusual. They also haven’t said anything more about the Five Leaf Pet Pharmacy kidney health treatment, so when that arrives I’ll start Mina on it. I am seriously considering putting her on a low protein diet, too. I think we’ll try the beef recipe on the Five Leaf Web site, ’cause I can’t see Mina eating beans and tofu. She might like the egg and sweet potato one, though.

We’re plugging along together. She still seems incredibly thin and bony to me, so I hope all this damn chicken is making her gain weight. No signs of nausea so far, but the Vincristine doesn’t peak until Saturday-Sunday – keep your fingers crossed that all the supplements and chicken will carry her through successfully.