Rest week always goes by too quickly. Mina’s UTI isn’t bothering her any longer, but we still have 11 days of Baytril to go. Pray, cross your fingers, burn candles, sacrifice virgins, whatever you believe so this damned infection goes away for good!

Yesterday was fairly quiet around here. Mina napped a lot, ate a lot, went for a couple of walks, and had normal-looking poops. Last night I actually slept for SIX hours. That’s pretty normal for me so I’m hoping I can repeat that every night. I still have the headache but it’s a dull roar now.

Mina’s pretty good about eating the asparagus or tomatoes I hide at the bottom of her chicken, but this morning she flat out refused to eat it. I found organic grape tomatoes and chopped up three of them for her breakfast. They’re a new food so she’s always skeptical. I hand fed her some chicken, but she was still skeptical, until I hand fed her a couple of bites of tomato and then she was fine and practically pushed me away from her bowl!

I started her back on the Metoclopramide this morning, too, because it’s chemo time and she’ll need it. I wish the chemo didn’t affect her stomach so badly but it’s a fact that it does and we have to work with it. My goal this week is to keep her eating, no matter what I have to feed her.

She’s lost more hair, mostly from her undercoat, but she no longer has eyelashes and looks a bit odd. The hair on her muzzle continues to recede, too. Mina no longer looks like Mina.

Oh, and thanks to everyone who’s offered to send money or conduct a fund raiser to pay for Mina’s treatments. Y’all are amazing people to care so much for my best friend. I’ve suggested to a couple of friends that instead of sending money to me that I’d prefer you donate to one of my favorite causes because I can’t afford donations right now. If you’re so inclined, and I appreciate your thoughtfulness like you can’t believe, please consider helping the following organizations:

More later after our chemo appointment!