Mina is the person I should be – she’s loving and kind and witty and fun and she likes almost everyone and she never judges. She has a lot of friends, including everyone who reads this blog and keeps up with her cancer progress on Twitter and Facebook. I can’t thank everyone enough for all the help you’re giving me and Mina during her chemotherapy. If you know me well, you know that I don’t ask for help for myself, but I will ask for Mina and everyone has been insanely generous.

Mina ate like a horse yesterday and I find that I can give her the supplement capsules if I coat them in peanut butter and pop it into her mouth. We tried some organic baby food made of potatoes, zucchini, green beans and carrots, but she’ll only eat it if it’s covered in chicken. All of Mina’s holistic advisers want her to eat organic veggies but I can tell you it’s not going to happen, at least not very often. Mina, I’ve discovered through all this chemo and cancer, is a true carnivore. That’s why she’s got the big canine teeth.

Today we’re going to our regular vets for refills of Tramadol and Metoclopramide, although I’m withholding the Meto starting today to see what happens to her appetite. She’s taking slippery elm and ginger every time she eats and I’d rather control any nausea with herbs than with drugs, if at all possible. I don’t think she has any nausea this week because she didn’t have any chemo. Believe me, I will NOTE THE HELL OUT OF THAT on her form next Tuesday when she’s evaluated for Vincristine again.

In lower news, her bowel movements are quite normal and she’s having more of them, just like old times. She’s perky and takes longer walks and wants to sniff everything. I keep thinking this is what she’d be like if she ever gets a remission from the cancer.

Speaking of Mina’s friends, she has canine buddies, too. Here’s a picture of Mina with one of our newer neighbors, Max. He’s much younger and does little helicopter spins when he sees Mina, which she watches with an amused look on her face. She’s given him a few play bows, but Max is a sturdy fellow so she doesn’t engage him very much. She seems to really like him, though.

Max and Mina

Max and Mina

Mina’s number one is our neighbor Joann’s old boy, Turk. He loves when Mina comes to visit and gets all puppy-like with her. Joann helped out yesterday with Mina and will check on her tomorrow while I’m at the sanctuary. I’m going to check on Turk tomorrow evening when the “local” fireworks get started. I don’t know a dog that wants to be around loud explosions.

Oh, I ordered the Canine Kidney Health package from Five Leaf Pet Pharmacy in Niagra, New York. I had a long conversation with Amanda the other day and feel confident that this treatment will help Mina’s kidneys and not do any harm to her chemotherapy treatments. I haven’t heard back from Dr. Birnbaum yet about the ingredients, but based on other herbal remedies that I asked her about, she won’t mind. I don’t think any of Mina’s cancer vets know much about herbal treatments. After Mina completes the program we’ll do another full blood profile with Dr. Cliver and see how she’s doing.

That’s it for now. Boring, innit?