Mina’s cancer seems to be in a retreat, but physically she’s not doing well. Down to 47.7 pounds as of Tuesday and she hasn’t eaten since then, either. Nothing seems to tempt her but bison bites and she can’t live on those. I’ve been heating her Chow Now in the microwave because she seemed to prefer it warm, but that’s not even working since Tuesday evening.

Then there was the debacle over the e-mail I sent demanding better estimates for Mina’s chemo expenses. I apologized, ’nuff said, moving on now.

We’re also having problems with pilling Mina. Last night I gave her some peanut butter with her pills and one of the smaller tablets got stuck on the roof of her mouth. I was able to remove it, but now she looks at the spoon very suspiciously. This morning it appears one of the capsules, either milkthistle or Keflex, melted in her mouth or throat and that was a couple of minutes watching her make faces and rub her tongue around and smack her lips. I gave her some more peanut butter and that seemed to help get the bitter taste out of her mouth. She’s on to every trick now and really doesn’t like being pilled manually. Yesterday, she bit down on my thumb with her back molars and that really hurt.

Mina is taking too many drugs and not eating enough. Period. I have to give her the medicine but it makes her nauseated so she doesn’t eat and that makes her feel worse. So today I’m calling VIMP, at Dr. Smith’s suggestion, so they can prescribe a stronger anti-nausea drug. The Metoclopramide just isn’t cutting it for Mina.

It’s been a hard couple of weeks, lemme tell ya. Still no word from the bank on my loan application.