I can’t go over all the details right now because my head hurts, my eyelids are swollen and I need to straighten up for Mina.

VIMP, and this includes Dr. Birnbaum, think Mina is not going to have a remission from cancer. In fact, they think she’s likely dying. At this point in her treatment, she should be eating well and not losing an entire pound a week. I’m more than a little angry that it took them until today to realize what I’ve been ranting about all along – she’s losing too much weight.

Today, Mina got a shot of B-12 from Dr. Nolan at Village Vet to help stimulate her appetite. VIMP called in a stronger anti-nausea drug that I’ll pick up in about an hour. Whether or not she’s dying, I want Mina to be comfortable as we can make her. If, on Tuesday, the decision is made to end her chemotherapy, then Drs. Cliver and Nolan will take over her end-of-life care.

I know we’re all pet people here and that you understand. But understand also that Mina is the true love of my life, the joy of the last 12.7 years, and someone I can’t bear to lose. Since our time together is growing short, I may only update here when something notable happens. You can always write to me or tweet me or call me.