Mina is finally home after seven hours at VIMP. I’m so glad to have her here ’cause it’s just Weird when she’s away.

Chatting VIMP budgies

Chatting VIMP budgies

Thanks to Auntie Sue, I sent an e-mail to VIMP explaining what I need in the way of detailed estimates for the rest of Mina’s modified Wisconsin protocol. When I got there at 3 p.m. I told the receptionists about it and she promised to print it and put it on top of Mina’s file and get one of the LVTs to work up the estimates. That should help me plan because right now I feel like Mina’s chemo is a runaway train.

Here’s the report from today’s doxorubicin/Adriamycin infusion:

Physical exam: bright, alert and responsive; no palpable splenomegaly; prescapular lymph nodes are small but palpable at about 1/2 cm; two left submandibular lymph nodes are palpable at 1/2 cm.
CBC: stable mild anemia at 35% with a normal white blood cell count.
Urinalysis: Specific Gravity 1.025, pH 9.0, trace protein, trace blood, sediment revealed many white blood cells (15-20/hpf) but no red blood cells. Questionable cocci bacteria/coccoid debris. Appears infected.

Adriamycin infusion (21 mg) was administered IV in the left cephalic vein today; administration went very well.

Ultrasound findings: Spleen is normal size and texture had improved as well. Internal lymph nodes are small in size. The urinary bladder wall is thickened and slightly irregular in appearance, consistent with a urinary tract infection. Cardiac ultrasound before her Adriamycin treatment was within normal.

If after 10 days of Keflex treatment Mina still has a UTI then Dr. Birnbaum will order a urine culture. So, if that becomes necessary it’ll likely happen next Tuesday when she goes in for her rest week CBC.

I asked the LVT about the palpable lymph nodes and she explained that “palpable” does not mean “enlarged.” All of Mina’s lymph nodes are normal size (about the size of a pea) and Dr. Birnbaum believes that she’s making good progress.

Mina lost another pound, so she’s down to 47.7. The LVT assured me that if she’s not eating better in a couple of days there are other anti-emetic drugs we can try to keep Mina from being nauseated. This chemo drug really makes her feel crappy, but I’d like to keep her from dropping below 47 pounds!

I saw Dr. Smith as he was leaving, having worked all night at PWEVC and then all day at VIMP, and he’s very pleased with Mina’s progress.

They ate all the homemade vegan doughnuts.