We’re off to see Mina’s regular vets in a bit. This morning I found a raw, bleeding spot on the side of her face near her left ear. I cleaned it with iodine and smeared triple antibiotic ointment on it and called VIMP. Dr. Smith took my call and suggested I get some Vagisil to rub on the nastier yeast spots. Her body is covered with this stuff now and it’s on the edges of her ears. He also told me to get Malaseb shampoo for the yeast and give her a bath.

He might as well have told me to herd cats. Mina does not like baths at home. Not one little bit. She’s very uncooperative. This will involve cleaning the entire bathroom when we’re done with the bath.

I can’t wait to buy some Vagisil. I’ve never used that stuff in my life and there’s nothing like broadcasting to the store clerks that you’ve got cooties in your ladyparts.