Mina and I drove down to Warrenton with the moon roof open and windows down. We picked up some Vagisil at Bloom on the way and the store was nicely empty and I used the self-checkout and made a clean getaway. The shampoo for yeasties, Malaseb, requires … are you ready? … a 10-minute soak. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

That made Auntie Sue LOL when I told her, too. So, I covered the bathroom floor in towels so she wouldn’t slip, removed her collar, which got me the usual arched eyebrow, and into the bathroom we went – both doors closed. I warmed up the water and started to lift Mina into the tub. At this point she always spreads her legs out and tries to grab the edge of the tub with them. It’s a wonder I haven’t died trying to bathe her, really. It’s clear that she’s trying to kill me.

I used a large plastic cup to start soaking her hair and skin and she kept moving farther back from the faucet. It took several minutes to get her soaked, all the while she’s not looking me in the eye. I started applying the shampoo and vigorously rubbing it into her skin and she continued to keep her head turned away from me. I kept an eye on my watch because I figured when she was about half soaped that I’d start the countdown to 10 minutes.

At just about the six-minute mark, Mina made her move as I stood to massage the shampoo into her rump. She jumped out BETWEEN MY LEGS and I tried to squeeze her with them and hold her but she slipped through. She started shaking off just as I grabbed her and … she slipped through my arms! So, I just sorta pushed her back into the tub and boy! did she give me the hairy eyeball.

I continued to massage the shampoo in, what was left, for the remainder of the 10 minutes. She took the rinsing part much more calmly but it was pretty clear she was done with me.

Drying her off isn’t hard because she loves to be rubbed with a towel, so that went pretty well. She dries fast when she’s naked for summer, too. I put some herbal ear cleaner in both ears to dry up any water that might’ve slipped in, then grabbed the Neosporin and Vagisil and retired to the living room. The wound on the side of her face is pretty icky so I squeezed on a glob of Neosporin. Then, I put the Vagisil on the edges of her ears where the black yeasties are beginning to invade. After I put her collar back on she consented to give me a little lick on the nose.


Post bath, still not looking at me

Post bath, still not looking at me