We have an appointment at VIMP for 11 a.m. tomorrow. If Mina’s anemia and white cell count are in an acceptable range, she’ll get another dose of Vincristine.

Yesterday was OK. Her appetite has been decreased ever since the UTI and I think the Keflex is also a factor. She doesn’t always eat more than a couple of bison chips when I give it to her. She managed to eat about a third of her Chow Now breakfast yesterday and finished off all of her dinner, but this morning she hasn’t touched it.

Now, this could be the Keflex or it could just be Mina. When it gets warm out, for Mina that’s 75F and above, her appetite decreases. During the summer weeks she typically loses some of her winter fat. I have the AC set to 77F with a ceiling fan running in the living room and Mina spends most of her napping time on the tile entry way or on the tile in the bathroom. But this is no time to lose weight so I have to figure out how to make her eat more. I’m going to buy some more organic vanilla yogurt today and more Earth’s Best organic baby food and hope I can fatten her up. VIMP suggested that instead of almond butter for her pilling media, that I switch to cream cheese – it’s blander and may not upset her stomach. I’m sure I can find an organic brand out there that doesn’t contain any palm oil.

She was really perky this morning during our walk! Max, the doggy who lives on the first floor, left a couple of minutes before we did and Mina worked her butt off to catch up to him. I couldn’t convince her to slow down. After we caught up with Max we ran into Coco the crazy poodle who shows his enthusiasm for his fellow canines by walking on his hind legs. He’s a hoot. We continued for a while after we parted ways with the other pooches, so Mina stayed outside walking for about 25 minutes. She’s taken all her meds since then and is resting.