Mina is a bit better this morning. Not so much frantic squatting and begging to go outside every 15 minutes.

I slept about three hours and 45 minutes. Stayed up until 2:45 a.m. for a 22.75-hour day. Mina woke me at 6:30 to go outside and we started her round of meds – 10 mg. of famotidine, then an hour later she got 500 mg. of Keflex, 50 mg. of Tramadol, a milkthistle capsule, and a scoop of almond butter.

It couldn’t have been more than 10 minutes later that I found her in my bedroom, head between two dining table chairs, consuming her own puke. I slapped on some latex gloves and started picking up what was left and examining it for her meds. I found some Chow Now, some slimy stuff, some partially chewed almond bits, but no sign of her meds. I called PWEVC and they confirmed that she likely consumed any meds that she puked up and to keep her on her regular medication schedule.

I think I’ve missed my calling in life. I can sift through puke and poop and still wash up and have breakfast. Awesome.

Do doo do doo do doo ...

Do doo do doo do doo ...