Mina had another normal day on Thursday. She ate well, took all of her meds in some almond butter, including the milkthistle capsule, went for three walks, and is currently staring me down for a bite of bagel.

I’m going to order some Dr. Becker’s Bites for her today for snacks. She’s getting the bison variety as it’s “free-range” (what a joke but better than “feedlot”) and grass-fed, contains no fillers, no wheat or grains. In the meantime, she’ll get some almonds as little treats. The treats issue has been big around here because she shouldn’t have wheat, grains, or sugars as they promote cancer cell growth.

Mina’s incontinence is improved, probably because her water intake is more normal without the Prednisone. She still has little leaks, though, but I’m not doing as much laundry!

Now to get some weight on her skinny bones …