Yesterday was uneventful. Mina walked over to the leasing office three times in search of snacks and didn’t seem to mind the humidity (I think it’s wonderful). She rested and ate her meals and bugged me for bits of my food and rested some more and got belly rubs and lots of kisses. She napped on my bed and didn’t have any pee leaks, and even napped for a bit on the vinyl sheet covering the couch.

She seemed needier in the early evening so I kept an eye on her movements. If she moves from place to place frequently that usually means she’s nauseated and she might vomit. But it just seemed she wanted my attention because if there’s one thing I’ve really screwed up during all this cancer business, it’s spoiling Mina. My God. Last Saturday we visited the leasing office during the annual pool party and Mina actually jumped up on Auntie Lolo’s husband to get a snack. I was mortified. I figure she’ll start stealing food from little kids next.