We had a quiet day yesterday. Mina wasn’t as frisky as the day before, but it was warmer outside and she doesn’t like the warm. I do, so I set about cleaning out my car and washing it while Mina waited in the air-conditioned indoors.

She ate normally, about 16 ounces or so of Chow Now, a jar of Earth’s Best organic baby food for a snack, a couple of nibbles of my toast. She drank a normal amount of water, not the gallons she was drinking while taking the Prednisone. She looks very thin to me. I honestly don’t care what anyone says, Mina is a sack of skin and bones. I don’t think she’s gained any weight this week and I’m not sure why.

This morning I dug up some information on milk thistle dosages for canines. I want to get her going on the supplements so I gave her about half a capsule mixed into some almond butter. I’ll call Dr. Lundquist today to find out the precise dosage for her.

Tomorrow, I’m leaving her for most of the day and the entire evening to see NIN at Merriweather Post. Thanks to my awesome friends and Sherrie of Prince William Paws 4 Claws, Mina will have company almost the entire time I’m gone. Her Auntie Sherrie will visit at 4 p.m., her Auntie Sue will visit at 5:30 p.m., and her uncles Joe and Robb will stay with her from about 6:30 – 11:30 p.m. I should be home around then or at least by midnight. It’s our first big separation in a while and I think she’ll be fine, if somewhat miffed at me.