Yesterday I was keeping a close watch on Mina because her behavior seemed familiar from the day she got sick last time on Vincristine – perky, energetic, and hungry all day.

Mina ate two portions of Chow Now yesterday, about the 16 ounces she needs to maintain her weight, plus some pizza crust (I know she’s not supposed to have grains or flour or that shit but some habits will not die!), and the almond butter that hides her pills. She ate well, but I noticed around 8 p.m. that she was restless. She changed her position a lot and wanted my undivided attention. I knew then she wasn’t feeling good.

When she headed into the bathroom about 20 minutes later I followed her and, sure enough, she was getting sick. Bless her for choosing the bathroom where the tile is easily cleaned and I can throw the rugs in the wash. Same stuff as last time on Vincristine – chunks of partially digested food and a brownish liquid. When she got sick during the doxorubicin she only threw up food – never the brownish liquid.

I reassured her and took her away from the barf, and called PWEVC. I calmly told Christine what happened and she informed me that Dr. Smith was out of town this weekend. They know us! Her advice was to give Mina 10 mg. of famotidine since Mina had taken all her metoclopramide for the day, and to keep an eye on her and not feed her again until morning.

We hung out in the living room while I watched a movie through my eyelids, and finally went to bed around 1 a.m. Nothing unusual happened during the night.

Mina took a long walk this morning, everything was normal, and she ate her chow now after famotidine and metoclopramide. So far, she seems just fine, if not as frantically frisky as yesterday. She is, however, eyeballing my toast and tofu omelet rather like a raptor eyeballing a mouse.