This is the fourth day after the Vincristine IV. Mina is eating and behaving pretty much the same way she did at this time after the first Vincristine IV. I’m feeding her cautiously, not giving her too much at a time, because if she does get sick I don’t want her to puke another seven times.

We went outside this morning for a brief walk because Mina was more interested in coming home for breakfast. But, about two hours later, she started harassing me to go outside. I have the windows open to air out the place before it gets warm and I think she spotted one of her friends going by.

So we leashed up and went out and it was clear that Mina was on a mission. She sniffed and trotted until we turned a corner and I saw our neighbor downstairs walking Max, one of Mina’s new friends. She couldn’t trot fast enough to catch up to them. We finally did and Mina gave Max a play bow and the game was on. For the next 10 minutes we walked and they played and Mina was having a grand time. I finally forced a separation because her limping become very pronounced and we headed home. She’s resting in the living room where I expect she’ll be for a couple of hours.



It is so great to see her being her old self again. Her moments of frisky playfulness are brief (she is, after all, about 63 in human years) but they’re a joy to watch.