Sometime in the night I awoke to an odd sound – sort of a ::flapflapflap:: sound. I got up and turned on a light and looked for Mina. She was curled up in a corner of the plastic-covered couch, sleeping. I gave her a kiss and went back to bed.

Around 3:45 a.m. I heard the sound again, got up again, and found Mina on the opposite corner of the couch and that’s when I smelled the pee …

Poor baby had pee on her back, her legs and her tail. I got her off the couch and onto the sheet/blanket/towel-covered floor, and got a warm, soapy washcloth and cleaned her up. I did find some patches of hair missing with those black spots on her skin so we’ll show that to the VIMP vets on Tuesday. I don’t think yeast is supposed to make her hair fall out in spots.

After I cleaned off the plastic couch cover it was nearly 4 a.m. and time to get up so we went outside in the still-pouring rain and Mina had to be coaxed to the grass to pee. She was already half wet so I don’t understand why she balked.

When we got back inside I dried her off and she laid down with her head between her paws and her ears tucked back and looked so … embarrassed. I gave her a little extra almond butter with her pills and tried to assure her that I really don’t mind cleaning up all the pee. I swear she rolled her eyes at me.