VIMP has OK’d the list of supplements suggested by Dr. Lundquist to help Mina through chemotherapy. However, I’m to give them to her one at a time for a week and if there are no adverse affects, then another the next week and so on. I plan to start with the milkthistle because Mina’s liver already shows signs of aging and it’s doing a lot of hard work filtering the chemo drugs.

Mina can also take her regular monthly heartworm preventative, Interceptor, but not this week. She can take it next week after the period for Vincristine side effects has passed.

Mina on her eco-friendly bed that she NEVER uses anymore

Mina on her eco-friendly bed that she NEVER uses anymore

Yesterday we were busy and Mina was in the car a lot with me and did just fine. She’s always loved going for rides in the car, so we had both windows down and the moon roof open and it was fine, humid, sunny day. We met Carole from Chow Now in Marshall and made the chicken-for-lamb exchange and had a nice visit. When we got home Mina was ready for a nap and very ready to eat when she smelled the Chow Now cooking. I will be SO DAMN GLAD when she’s clear of chemo and her immune system is stronger and I can transition her to raw Chow Now.

She slept well and I found no accidents on the various floor coverings this morning. She had a good appetite this morning. I’m giving her the Metoclopramide in the morning and evening and Auntie Sherrie is giving it to her at noon. We no longer use the Pill Pockets (they’re really made of junk) but use organic, creamy, unsalted almond butter for pilling. Mina really likes it and I think it tastes divine on slices of Granny Smith apples.

That’s all for now.