Fact: Mina does not like going to VIMP any more. Our last two visits, today’s included, have made her nervous and stressed. So nervous and stressed, in fact, that on our way to our regular vet’s office for refills of Tramadol and Metoclopramide, Mina puked the entire contents of her guts into my back seat (safely covered by her Drs. Foster & Smith seat cover but still GROSS!).

I called VIMP and they assured me it wasn’t the chemo that she’d just gotten, but probably stress. They have noticed that she’s no longer comfortable with them and feel bad about it.

Today blue VIMP budgie gave me the side eye.

Today blue VIMP budgie gave me the side eye.

Anyway, I pulled over and got her out of the backseat and bundled up the seat cover and put it in the trunk. The rest of our trip to Warrenton was uneventful. She’s home now, had another dose of Metoclopramide and a jar of organic Earth’s Best baby food. I won’t give her any more Chow Now until later this evening. I am also to blame because I gave her too much to eat this morning before our trip to VIMP. Mina’s moving around a lot so she might still have an upset tummy.

Her appointment went well, despite her discomfort with VIMP. She weighs 50.1 pounds, that’s up from 49.3 last week. Her Vincristine IV went well and the dose was reduced 10 percent from the first time. She’s officially done with Prednisone, which may decrease her appetite, but will definitely decrease her pee. Mina is still mildly anemic and her white cell count is slightly elevated, which will bear watching.

Her ultrasound findings indicate a completely normal-sized spleen with no internal lymphadenopathy. She is not in remission yet. In order to determine remission they’ll need to aspirate another lymph node and Dr. Birnbaum doesn’t feel we’re at that stage yet. It’s the same old story, if you want a different answer ask a different LVT.

I have asked VIMP twice now why we continue the chemotherapy once Mina’s in remission. They have not answered my question at all. I’ve been told the equivalent of “because it’s a 19-week protocol” and “as the ‘owner’ (I do not own Mina, she’s my equal) you can discontinue treatment at any time.” That’s not what I asked! So I left a note for Dr. Cliver to call me when she has a minute and explain the need for more chemotherapy after remission. I just want to know the benefits of continuing the chemo. Sheesh.