Mina is frisky! She’s walking with a little bounce in her step, head held high, barking saucily at anyone she pleases, having a good time. She’s just her normal, old self on non-Prednisone days, and it’s wonderful to see her enjoying life again.

Mina on vacation at Grandpa's in October 2007

Mina on vacation at Grandpa's in October 2007

However, we have chemo tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. at VIMP. It’s the Vincristine, again. Remember that experience? This time if it makes her violently ill we’ll know it’s definitely the drug, not the cancer. I have no doubt in my mind that the Vincristine made her sick the last time she had it, but her cancer vets seem to have a few doubts. They should learn to trust me because I know Mina as well as I know myself.

We also get to meet Carole from Chow Now Petfood sometime tomorrow to pick up more lamb Chow Now. She is so understanding about my ethics, because she does share them, and told me that the lambs are never slaughtered before they’re a year old and they spend that year living peacefully. OK, so that doesn’t really work for me because they’re too young to die so Carole told me that the lambs they buy for Chow Now are spared going to auction where they’d not get much, if any, humane treatment. Colleen reminded me the other day that I can’t hold it against Mina and the other canines of the world because they’re carnivores.

My goal this week is to keep her on the Chow Now and Metoclopramide to try and prevent the raging vomiting. I know it will bring her down physically, but I hope it doesn’t last more than three or four days. We’ll see.