That’s what I call my kitchen now that I have to boil and dismember chicken carcasses for Mina’s bland diet. I get them from Whole Foods so at least they’re not filled with animal digest, hormones, and antibiotics, but free-range is a myth and buying those carcasses troubles me deeply. Boiling and cutting them up makes me want to puke every single time.

Mina eats the carcass with great gusto. It’s not nutritionally balanced, though, and I can’t coerce her into eating the Udo’s Pet Essentials supplement when I sprinkle it on her food. She just turns and walks away. DIVA. SPOILED.

She’s eating a lot and drinking a lot and peeing a lot. She’s still taking 10 mg. of Prednisone every other day and I cannot wait for her to get off this steroid. My water bill for 48 days was nearly TRIPLE what it is usually because of all the laundry to keep Mina and the carpet pee-free. Chemotherapy is not eco-friendly. I shudder to think what my electricity bill looks like but now that she’s shaved down for summer, the thermostat is back at 77F.

Overall, this looks to be a good week for the Bean. She’s energetic – y’know, for a 12.7-year old pooch – she’s very interested in eating, and she’s perky enough that I think we might venture to the winery in Delaplane on Saturday before it gets crowded. We both need a pleasant outing, I think.

Just got to get her to eat a more nutritionally balanced diet for a cancer patient and then figure out how to get some muscle back on her bones. She’s so cute with her new haircut that I’m constantly smooching her face and I think she’s getting annoyed with me.