The VIMP budgies were very chatty and playful today!

The VIMP budgies were very chatty and playful today!

Doxorubicin made Mina’s life very difficult this week, but it sure kicked some cancer ASS!

Today she had her regular CBC which indicates a normal white cell count, but she’s slightly more anemic than last week. That’s a side effect of the doxorubicin so we need to hope it elevates over this next week.

Her urinalysis was clean.

“Brief ultrasound today: The spleen is shrunken to a more normal size measuring 1.48 cm in diameter with almost normal texture. No internal lymphadenopathy is noted.”

ALL of her lymph nodes – internal and peripheral – are normal. Her spleen is ::thisclose:: to being normal again, so we’ve scheduled the Vincristine IV for next Tuesday morning.

She stays on the 10 mg. of Prednisone every other day for another week. If the Vincristine makes her sick again that week, Dr. Birnbaum recommends some stronger antiemetic drugs – Cerenia or Zofran. The LVT recommended giving Mina the metoclopramide before every meal because her stomach is likely still dealing with the chemo drugs and she might feel queasy when she eats.

She just ate a bunch of boiled chicken and some rice. Now she’s resting.

Groomer comes at 2 p.m. so Mina will be a very skinny puppy this afternoon. She lost almost all of the two pounds she gained the previous week, which I expected would happen. We’ll see if we can get her eating again this week with some help from the holistic vet we’re seeing on Friday.

I can breathe.

**UPDATE** Dr. Birnbaum says that Mina will continue with the protocol for at least several more weeks before making a decision on actual remission. I’m sorta hoping she won’t have to do the whole 19 weeks but she may have to so the roller coaster is still on the tracks.**