First, we didn’t wake up at 4 a.m. First time since last weekend, but we were up and out by 6:30 a.m. in a panic.

I found something next to Mina’s left eye while putting on her harness to go for a walk. Now, I haven’t seen many engorged ticks, other than the one that gave Mina Lyme Disease way back in 2003. But this lump next to her eye sure looked like a fat tick to me.

Called a neighbor and knocked on their door to get confirmation but no one answered. So, off to PWEVC!

So, we’d just woken up and now I’m operating a motor vehicle and Mina’s in the back seat looking worried. My mouth is dry because I didn’t stop for a glass of water. We get to the clinic in record time because it’s a holiday and there’s no traffic.

We’re greeted by a nice LVT whom I haven’t met before, I tell her the problem and she examines Mina’s eye. It’s not a tick, but it is a weird lump and she recommends that I point it out to Dr. Birnbaum tomorrow. We chat for a bit about Mina’s chemo and the doxorubicin and the weird eating patterns and she tells me that it should get better by tomorrow and Wednesday. The doxorubicin has already peaked and her body will start shedding it today and tomorrow. w00t

Back home and I have an inspired thought on what to feed Mina for breakfast. A Sunshine Burger! These are my favorite veggie burgers in the world. They’re soy-free, made with organic veggies, good protein and Mina’s never had one. I warm it up in the microwave along with the last of the brown gravy and some brown rice. Chop it all up in her bowl, place it in her tray and she gobbled it! She made the “I want some more face” but I wasn’t falling for it this time.

I dunno what I’ll do later on but for now she’s got a full belly. Oh, and they didn’t charge me for my brief visit to PWEVC, yeah!

All this running around has canceled my plans for the sanctuary, but I’m still on for next week during Mina’s rest week from chemo. Our appointment is at 10 a.m. tomorrow so I’ll tweet any good news.