Mina’s appetite has improved in the past 48 hours, however her picky-ness has gotten worse. I have NO idea what to feed her anymore.

She won’t touch her cooked chicken Chow Now, which is mostly chicken, BTW. She is done with tiny jars of organic baby food, done with mashed potatoes and about done with rice. She still won’t touch the peanut butter-flavored Frosty Paws junk food.

I’ve spent a fortune on food for her this month and I don’t know what else to do at this point. She ate some rice this morning and a little yogurt but she’s also pissed off at me because I put her in the bath tub to rinse the pee stank off her backside. We had a big night of urinary incontinence, so I’ll spend my Memorial weekend steam cleaning the carpets again.

So, I’ve sent an e-mail to Dr. Smith pleading for some nutritional advice. We’re seeing Dr. Lundquist on Friday of Singing Stones Animal Wellness Center for an alternative approach to Mina’s health. Mina’s cancer vets are awesome but they’re very focused on treating the cancer and the rest of Mina’s bod needs some treatment, too.

As for me, I’m frequently nauseated, I’m always tired, I was losing weight but that seems to be reversed and I spend all my time here in my apartment with sheets and towels and vinyl covering the floors and furniture.

Floor covered in linens, couch covered in vinyl, it's chaos!

Floor covered in linens, couch covered in vinyl, it's chaos!

Mina seems to be OK with that but it’s wearing on me. I miss the sanctuary – a lot. I’m going next Sunday because it’s Mina’s rest week from chemo. If she does well throughout today, I swear I’ll go there tomorrow, even if it’s raining. They always need help on holidays.