It was almost a clean getaway. I was dressed, had my purse and backpack strapped on, and was about to say ‘goodbye’ to Mina when she walked into my sunroom office and threw up.

I gave her some brown rice for breakfast and she ate a little of her Chow Now, plus all her morning meds and supplements, most of which I saw in the puke. She is not feeling well at all. I gave her 5 mg. of Metoclopramide and I’m going to wait with her for an hour or so to see if she gets sick again. If not, then I’m off to work and her Aunties/Uncles will be around to check on her.

Orangemina (the very image of pathos)

Orangemina (the very image of pathos)

I found another site with a list of side effects for doxorubicin. It’s for bone cancer in dogs but has some good information. I guess we’re on baby food for a few days while this drug moves through her body killing cancer cells and everything else in its path. She’s gonna lose weight this week but next week she’s off the chemo for seven days so perhaps we can build up her appetite again.

The hills are high and plunges steep on this roller coaster.