Yesterday, after three and a half hours at the vet’s office and a trying chemotherapy infusion, I could tell that Mina was very tired. She ate a couple of times yesterday afternoon, but that’s about it. She ate some snacks, she ate a few of my tortilla chips, but mostly she laid down and slept. We did manage a walk to the leasing office earlier in the afternoon.

This morning she ate a little of the gravy I made for her yesterday, and the last of the yogurt, but none of the Chow Now. She has not requested a snack. We took a short walk at 5 a.m. and she had a lot of business to do, but her perkiness level is definitely down, as is her appetite. I rather expected this because the doxorubicin is one mean chemical. I did more reading online yesterday and found it’s the Big Gun in the cancer arsenal for humans and canines. I found only two accounts of dogs who’d been successfully treated for lymphoma using a modified Wisconsin protocol where side effects from the doxorubicin were reported.

Sad-eyed Mina with yogurt on her nose

Sad-eyed Mina with yogurt on her nose

One side effect of chemotherapy that I can’t seem to find online is staph infections on the belly and around the vulva. This is driving me crazy. I complained to Dr. Smith yesterday that there are more of them every day and he said that with her suppressed immune system he wasn’t surprised. He sent me home with some gauze-like cloths soaked in Chlorhexidine, some dry cloths, and told me to clean her a couple of times a day and keep applying the Neosporin. Mina licks that off, of course, when I’m not looking, but this morning she’s just resting in the entryway so maybe she doesn’t even feel energetic enough to lick off the ointment.

In better news, her urinary incontinence has decreased sharply. I think this is a combination of the ever-decreasing dose of prednisone and possibly her ability to control her muscles a bit better. There are no more giant “leaks” on the towels and blankets, just little ones that are easily managed.

She also spent some time at the open living room window yesterday, barking at anyone who passed by. In general, though, I think the doxorubicin is kicking her ass a little and I’m not surprised. I hope she feels better in a few days, although this stuff will reach its peak in her body around Sunday.