Dr. Birnbaum just called. Mina’s all done with her doxorubicin, she did very well, no problems. An ultrasound of her spleen reveals it is back to normal size but still riddled with nodules. Her peripheral lymph nodes are normal but there are some internal nodes that are still enlarged. Dr. Birnbaum is very pleased with her progress and made sure to re-state Dr. Smith’s assertion that the interruption in the protocol is to treat the spleen aggressively to get it cancer-free.

Her white cell count is normal and they really don’t know why it spiked last week.

Dr. Birnbaum said she could have some nausea or lethargy as a side effect of of the doxorubicin and I should call if there are any big changes in her eating habits and resting habits. The prednisone is reduced now two 10 mg. every other day.

Resting after today's hospital stay and chemo

Resting after today's hospital stay and chemo

I’m almost afraid to be excited by this news. Next week is a rest week in the protocol, but we still need to report on Tuesday for the weekly CBC and to check her peripheral nodes, general health, etc.

Holy cow.