I wrote to Dr. Smith yesterday asking if the change in Mina’s chemo protocol was a last-ditch effort to shrink her spleen or if it’s an opportunity to take advantage of the small progress she’s made? I mentioned that Dr. Birnbaum, in our initial appointment, said that if Mina wasn’t showing signs of progress after five weeks that we’d discontinue the chemo.

He wrote back around 1:45 a.m., during his shift at PWEVC. Here’s part of his response: “The main reason for altering the chemo protocol is to be more aggressive with regard to the spleen. She has made progress with regard to her peripheral lymph nodes and overall clinical status. We are extremely committed to Mina’s chemo. It is too early to make conclusions.”

See, this is why I like having him on Mina’s team – you can contact him and ask questions and get straightforward answers delivered without a hint of Grim Reaper. Mina likes him, too, and hers is the most important opinion.

Good day yesterday, very perky, took three longer walks, she ate well, still doesn’t like having her supplements added to her food but she eventually eats it all. I’m off to my chiropractor this morning because I haven’t been since March and everything is misaligned. Thanks stress! you dirt bag.