Yesterday was a good day in the cancer ward. Mina ate everything put in front of her, including a jar of baby food as a late night snack. She took a couple of long walks with me to the leasing office (that’s a long walk for Mina these days) and around the property. She is very interested in anything going on in the kitchen these days.

She’s drinking water and low-sodium organic chicken broth fairly regularly. She doesn’t seem to drink much overnight but, so far, I haven’t noticed any symptoms of Cytoxan cystitis, although we’ll be on the lookout for it for several weeks. Mina seems to be doing fine after four days from her initial Cytoxan dose, but I know that every day is not exactly the same.

Lately, she surprises me in the early morning when we go outside. I used to put on her harness and leash and away we’d go, but then she stopped walking and just wanted to pee and sniff around the grass. Now, we go outside without a harness or leash and she takes me all around the complex. At 4:15 a.m. there aren’t any other people out walking and only one or two cars moving around, so we’re pretty safe. It’s so odd, though, to walk with her like that because just last year it would’ve been unthinkable ’cause she’d take off after a rabbit, or something.

Oh, and Auntie Sue, you were right – her toxic pee is killing the grass in front of our building! The spots where she pees the most have turned white.

We’re cooking today! (Awesome lack of transition there between pee and cooking, eh?) I just finished making a batch of Bow Wow Cookies for her from a recipe that Aunt Sherrie gave us. I altered it a bit, substituting white whole wheat flour for unbleached flour, agave nectar for honey, and rice milk in place of skim cow’s milk. They also contain oats, canola oil, and baking powder and they’re light and crispy and slightly sweet. Mina loves them.

Home made doggie cookies

Home made doggie cookies

Right now I need to get started on breakfast, which will include the hash browns I didn’t make yesterday. I got Isa Moskowitz’s new book, “Vegan Brunch,” and there’s a great recipe for individual hash browns made with Yukon Gold potatoes (my favorite and they’re organic) that are baked not fried. And no peeling! You can buy this awesome cookbook on Amazon, etc., but right now Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe has it on sale. That’s where I got my copy.