**UPDATE**VIMP called to tell me that Mina’s white cell count is double the normal, around 31,000. They’ve called in an antibiotic that she only needs to take once per day. That brings the total number of prescriptions to five, with one supplement. I spoke to the LVT after talking to Auntie Sue about the meaning of an elevated white cell count, and the LVT told me it does happen to canine chemo patients, it could be a number of things including her body’s response to the cancer, but it’s not something I should really worry about for now. So, I’m off to CVS for another prescription. Then, I’m going to have a beer. That’s MY medication.

That’s what we’re doing today. Actually, that’s what Mina’s doing today. She’s about run through the enormous amount of chicken carcass that Robb cooked for her, so I cooked some chicken Chow Now earlier (and burned lots of incense). She’s no longer interested in sweet potatoes or baby food, but the vanilla yogurt is still OK in small quantities. I’ll get some Yukon Gold potatoes for her tomorrow and see if she still likes those.

Mina did something so funny today that I laughed out loud for several minutes. While outside, she sniffed a corner of the garage near our building, then lifted her left leg and attempted to pee on the corner of the garage! Mostly she just got her right leg wet but it made me laugh to see my old girl trying to pee like the boy dogs.

It’s time for the last Cytoxan tablet so I have to slap on the latex and wrap it in a Pill Pocket. We’re both feeling better after last week and I hope I’m now better prepared for the roller coaster ride of chemo.