Mina spent yesterday trying to get comfortable. She’d shift her position every few minutes and wasn’t sleeping much. I thought, at first, it was the temperature in the apartment so I lowered the thermostat to 76F and put on a sweater (I freeze under 80F, people). It seemed to help for a while, then I noticed the licking at her nose thing and gave her 5 mg. of Metoclopramide, the drug prescribed by her cancer vets for nausea and vomiting. She rested for a while, then we took a short walk, and then it was back to the shifting around.

So, I called PWCEV and asked to talk to Dr. Smith. He came to the phone, I explained what’s been going on since last Tuesday and he said the most important thing is to get fluids into her. He said he’d call in a prescription at the 24-hour CVS, then gave me a grocery shopping list: Pedialyte, plain or vanilla yogurt, Gerber Second Foods chicken or turkey baby food, and cinnamon applesauce.

The prescription turned out to be a complete bust. I drove to the CVS, no call from the vet. So, I went to a nearby store and found some baby food (not much in the required brand in organic so off to a bigger store today), some yogurt (again, none in organic – WHAT THE HELL?), and some organic cinnamon applesauce. Back to the CVS. I found one flavor of Pedialyte and a box of Pedialtye freezer pops. Mina likes cold things so figured that might work. No call from the vet at the pharmacy. Damn. So I got in my car and started home and called the vet.

They were calling it in right then, I was told. Back to CVS. I waited in a ridiculously long line at 9:30 p.m. for 20 minutes – NO CALL FROM THE VET. In the parking lot I called them again and was told to stay there and don’t hang up.

I ignored both requests. My cell phone minutes are not for being on hold for half an hour. Almost before I got home, the PWCEV called and said they really did call in the prescription. I’ll pick it up today.

So, Mina ate the light blue frozen Pedialyte pop, but didn’t seem interested in drinking the orange-flavored liquid. So I did what Dr. Smith suggested and used a syringe to get some into her mouth. She does not like that. Then she ate a jar of gross-looking chicken baby food, and about half a carton of vanilla yogurt. She didn’t seem thrilled with the organic cinnamon applesauce, though.

Around 1 a.m. I tried another flavor of frozen pop, but she didn’t care for it. I syringed a little more orange Pedialyte into her mouth, fed her a jar of turkey baby food and the last of the yogurt. This morning she’s had all her meds – Famotidine, Dasuquin MSM supplement, Prednisone, Tramadol, Metoclopramide. No wonder she’s freaking nauseated.

Time for the last jar of baby food then, I’m off to procure more plus the new prescription. I didn’t like Dr. Smith the first time I met him, but he’s turned out to be the most positive vet at VIMP/PWCEV so far and he takes my calls. Bless him.