I don’t mean in a melancholy, sappy way because I’m pretty much done with that and concentrating on the practicalities of chemotherapy and side effects. Today is Mina’s last day of the prednisone course and I’m hoping her appetite stays high and incidence of pee gets lower.

Yesterday evening was non-stop for me and Mina didn’t get as much attention as she would like, but just about everything I was doing was for her. We were up at 2 a.m. to go outside and I found one of the flannel sheets damp so put it in the wash and sprayed vinegar everywhere. Finished up the laundry at 4 a.m. after we went outside for a bit, and went on with our very busy morning routine. I’m feeling kinda tired.

This morning, she pushed open the bathroom door as I was getting ready for work – something she hasn’t done since she was a curious puppy. She rolled over for a belly rub and that’s when I saw the red marks in the folds of her belly near her vulva. I’ve been wiping down that area and her legs to try and keep the pee from causing skin irritations, but clearly I failed the task. So, she got a little wash down and some iodine and Neosporin on the owies. That’s no way to treat a nice, old lady. I left for work late so I could take her out for another short walk and give her an opportunity for a potty break.

The weather turned from beautifully hot and sunny to dark, gloomy, rainy and cold overnight. Mina seemed a bit melancholy this morning and I blame the weather. Left the living room windows open for her so she can feel the breeze.

Any suggestions for keeping the area around her vulva dry and pee-free are welcome.