Today at VIMP Mina got her L-Asparaginase shot. She gets it just this one time and it helps prepare her body for the other chemo drugs to come.

Tumor cells, more specifically lymphatic tumor cells, require huge amounts of asparagines to keep up with their rapid, malignant growth. This means they use both asparagine from the diet as well as what they can make themselves (which is limited) to satisfy their large asparagines demand.

L-asparaginase is an enzyme that destroys asparagine external to the cell. Normal cells are able to make all the asparagine they need internally whereas tumor cells become depleted rapidly and die.

While I waited in the lobby for Mina, who was under observation after her shot, I watched the two budgies in the corner having a tiff.

VIMP Budgies

VIMP Budgies

Then I watched Bob and Leo, the native Virginian water turtles, waking up from a nap.

VIMP Turtle

VIMP Turtle

We left and she seems just fine and drove to our regular vet’s office. They were ready for us and got her Tramadol and prednisone. She’ll take the prednisone for seven days and we’re supposed to see an increased appetite and lots and lots of peeing because she’ll be drinking lots of water. This treatment will get her feeling better and eating again so she’s stronger for the Vincristine IV on Thursday, April 30.

Right now, Mina is resting. She ate a little chicken when we got home but not very much. I was given a flyer at our vet’s office about a locally produced raw food diet so I’m going to check out Chow Now.

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